The Top 30+ Online Side Hustles You Can Start Today

The Top 30 Online Side Hustles You Can Start Today


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Everyone needs a side hustle, and there are 30+ online side hustles you can start today. Whether you are in debt and figuring out a way to get out or you are not making quite enough from your 9-5, or maybe you just need extra cash for a course or a holiday! The scenarios are endless, and so are the opportunities. I have always had a side hustle. When I was about 14 years, I had just started high school and discovered calligraphy. My friends encouraged me to make cards for Christmas and New Year. The most amazing thing was that they were willing to buy my cards at double the price of the usual printed cards. And that is how Elizabeth the entrepreneur was born.

Having a side hustle has enabled me to live without debt, start my own business, have fun, change my career and even home school my child. Often, people find that their side hustle is making them more than their main hustle. The beauty of side hustles is that most of them are free or require very little capital. Moreover, most do not require you to have any specialised training in business or skill set.

These are the 30 best side hustles you can start today. You may add your suggestions or experiences in the comments.

  1. Blogging

Can you write? Start a blog

Or maybe, you just can’t write? Start a blog!

Anyone and their dog can start a profitable blog by just carrying out some research and following simple guidelines. If you have a passion for something (Hint- Everyone has a passion) start blogging about it. You can share tips, tricks, how-to’s, tutorials or even your journey around it.

If you can’t write, but have a passion for something; get someone to write your content based on your ideas. Articles can cost you as low as $10. When I started writing online, I was charging just $2 per article so, look around and see if there’s a writer who fits with your budget. You can earn money on your blog through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, advertisements, or sell courses.

If you want to start a blog today, I recommend you start a WordPress self-hosted blog through Bluehost.

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Most people start blogs as an outlet for their ideas. It is definitely a great avenue to hone your writing skills without fear as you would when entrusted with client work. Start a Blog.

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  1. Take Surveys

There are several sites that claim to pay for surveys, but most of these are only out to get your information. My first encounter with online surveys was through inbox dollars where I was earning around $0.2 per survey. The legitimate sites pay in form of VISA gift cards, Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Starbucks gift cards. Keep off survey sites that expect any form of payment from you upfront and you will be clear.

Inbox Dollars pays you for various activities such as searching the internet, printing coupons, filling surveys, and shopping. Get $5 to sign up to Inboxdollars.

Swagbucks also pays you to search the internet via their search engine. Get $5 to sign up to Swagbucks.

CashCrate – Earn gift cards, cash by filling surveys, watching videos, playing online games or shopping online.

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  1. Sell on Amazon

Amazon gives you the opportunity to sell online without having to build your own store. While this great to have your own store, with Amazon you can register and start listing your products. Don’t have anything to sell? Go out to the dollar store and see what you can get there. Or ask your friends if they have anything they want to get rid of. You will probably get so many things for free and as you sell these, keep looking out for offers online or offline where you can get items at discounts. One of my side hustles has been crocheting. I buy yarn and crochet supplies in bulk and sell at higher price. This works very well if you are also training as you will have a steady supply of clients in the form of your students. Find out which items are likely to do well and make your choices.

  1. Sell on eBay.

eBay is very competitive but there are sufficient opportunities for sellers who can see the value. Some items do better on eBay or Amazon so it is important to know where you will do better. While most items have only small margins, you can make good cash flipping items if you have an eye for value.

Set up a seller account and start a shop on eBay. You can attract your customers to your shop by using SEO tricks and tips. The best thing is you don’t even need to have your own merchandise. You can buy stuff online or offline on clearance and sell them at a profit through your eBay store.

  1. Sell on Etsy

Etsy is a wonderful market place for creatives where you can sell both digital and physical products. I have seen jewellery, crochet items, printables, toys, clothing and more listed on Etsy. Once you register, you list your items and decide on delivery terms which the buyers have to agree to. If you are thinking of selling on Etsy, follow my Etsy board on Pinterest to get ideas from other people.

Remember to be patient and promote as much as you can while learning the tips and tricks of selling on Etsy. You can also register as an Etsy affiliate to promote listed items.

  1. Sell Your Photos Online

Are you a photo fanatic? I have a friend that takes photos of everything from skylines to trees and manages to make them look amazing. As websites are increasing, the demand for photos is ever increasing. If you are that person, sell your photos to photo websites such as Fotolia, iStockPhoto, Bigstockphoto or Shutterstock. You can resell the same photos on different sites depending on agreement, giving you a residual income.

  1. Flipping on Craigslist

Craigslist is a well-known as buy and sell market place. However, you can also list and sell your services on the site. You may also curate the site for great deals and resell them at a higher price or bid for services and outsource them to other providers. Craigslist is a popular website for buyers and sellers especially since one can narrow down their search by location. With practice, you can buy and sell professionally on Craigslist. Some people make a fulltime living on the site buying items and making them better for resale.

  1. Drop shipping

Drop shipping is a business model that allows you to sell products from your own store front, fulfil orders and receive payment without coming into contact with the actual products. Once you receive an order, you pay for the items and the drop shipper sends them out directly to the clients. The clients will never know that the items did not originate from your store so you will have your own sales lists and can contact them whenever you change from that company or even launching new products.

  1. Become an Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is the largest eCommerce site at times generating $1B in a day. Becoming part of the most popular site certainly has its advantages, such as having access to thousands of products to promote. No matter your industry or niche, there is something you can promote on Amazon.  You can be an Amazon affiliate without a website, though you can create a passive income by having your own website or blog. If you are a crocheter like myself, start a crochet blog and teach people how to crochet.   You may create patterns and tutorials, and place links of the supplies required for each project in the tutorial. You can also create a page or shop on your website where you provide links to the items listed in your patterns.

The best thing about Amazon Affiliates is that if anyone clicks your link, you will be paid for their purchase of that item and anything else they place in their cart.


  1. Ebates

Ebates acts as an affiliate to over 2000 online companies whereby they reward you for purchasing through them. Ebates thus allows you to buy the same things you normally buy and get rewarded for it.

Every time you shop, you earn cash back. If you refer others to earn cash back while shopping you earn more! It is now easier to earn with Ebates if you install their browser extension.

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  1. Honey

This is a free extension which helps you to save money by adding coupons to your shopping cart automatically. True, you can search for the coupons yourself and apply them individually but this app does all that in a few seconds. You also get a chance to make money with their referral program. If anyone you refer makes a purchase, Honey App sends you $5 each time giving you an opportunity to earn upto $1000 for each friend you refer.

  1. Writing and Publishing Ebooks

If you haven’t read my article on how to earn money through writing, please check it out now! Nowadays it is easy to get your book published on Kindle for free. An eBook can be on any topic such as romance, fiction, horror or practical such as self-help guides or tutorials. There is no restriction on length with eBooks starting from 3000 words to as long as you want. You determine your own price, promote and sit back to enjoy passive income as you continue doing other things. Remember you can contract a writer to write your eBook and get someone on Fiverr to design the cover for less than $500.

Read my article on how to raise money for self-publishing.

  1. Freelancing

Which services can you offer around you? Millions of people are making their income from freelancing. If you are skilled in design, writing, administrative tasks, customer service, web design, voice overs, or photography; register on freelancing sites and start bidding for jobs. Freelance sites make money by taking a cut between 10 – 20% off any funds you get. While it may be the only starting point for you, having your own website will help you to keep ALL your money and make your own rules.

If you want to go pro, and earn well from your freelance gigs, do yourself a favour and launch a freelance website where you can offer your services directly to clients.

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Make your own website via Bluehost today.

  1. User Testing

Want to test new apps?

There are companies like Testbirds and Usertesting that pay people to try apps and websites and give their feedback. They use the feedback to improve on the apps or websites before launching them to the general public.

  1. Become an Online Coach

The internet has made the world a global village – cliché I know, but you get my drift. If you are good at something or have ideas that can help someone, then definitely there is someone in this online village who wants to listen and pay you for it! As a beginner, you can charge anything from $20 per hour – I don’t recommend starting at less than this price. All you need is a landing page, an advertising platform and a video interface. At the start, use Skype or Google Hangouts, set up your prices and accept payments on PayPal.

  1. Create an Online Course

If you are a member of any Facebook groups, then you definitely have seen people asking all types of questions from “how to start a blog” to “how to tie shoe laces”. Do you know how to tie shoe laces really well? Create an online course. An online course can be about DIY, Home, Budgeting, Saving just about anything you can think of. Recently, I am coming across several Instagram and Pinterest courses. To promote your online course, you can start a blog where you share some free info then offer the course to those who want to learn more. Get a teaching platform such as Udemy or Teachable to host your course and connect you to students. Use your own marketing effort to compliment the platform and promote the course to your lists. Checkout Udemy and Teachable for ideas on courses you can create.

  1. Teaching English.

Teach English as a foreign language to students in China with VIPkid. You can earn over $20 per hour. You need to have a bachelor’s degree and one year of experience in teaching. This can include tutoring, mentoring or coaching experience not necessarily classroom teaching.

  1. Online Tutoring.

Learning is hard (we all know that!)

Students around the world are looking for someone just like you to help them understand various subjects.  If you are good at a certain subject, put it to use by tutoring students from different parts of the world. Check out opportunities available on WyzAnt.

  1. Develop an App

Do you eat and breathe tech?

Create an app about anything that is fun or helps to make people’s lives easier.  The mobile app market is a money maker whether your app becomes the next best seller or not!

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  1. Affiliate Marketing

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When you register as an affiliate, you will be provided with a link to share. You may share this on your blog or website, social media, in eBooks or forums. When anyone clicks one of your links and makes a purchase, you will get a commission. Different products pay different commissions from 1% to 75% or more.

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Before choosing an affiliate programs, carefully assess the offering and compare to your intended promotion mechanism. Don’t fall into the over-hyped affiliate systems that promise riches overnight. It takes a lot of hard work to make it as an affiliate but it can be extremely rewarding.

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  1. Brand Sponsorship.

Brands are consistently looking to improve their reputation online. If you have a reasonable following on the different social media, you can reach out to start-ups or established brands that need influencer services. It can be shout-outs or sponsored posts. Some brands pay in kind but some are willing to pay in cash as well. Don’t sell yourself short.

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  1. Building Websites

There are many types of websites one can build to make money online. Some people choose to build niche websites while others focus on authority sites or blogs. Whatever your choice, make sure you have enough helpful content to capture and grow your audience. If you don’t know SEO, it will be helpful to hire a writer who can help you so that your posts are optimised for the search engines. Websites can then be monetised through affiliate marketing, ads, selling digital products or selling them. Websites don’t have to be big as there are several one page sites making money for their owners. Get a strategy and launch.

  1. Launch an Online Magazine

Like I said at the start of this post, you can write even if you are not a writer. If you have a few free hours a day, why not put together a magazine around your passions and get a advertisers in it? You can get ideas for articles from writing Facebook groups and even request a couple of articles free from your connections. Now, as a writer I don’t advocate writing for free and I believe ALL writers should be paid for their work; but as a business owner I know how hard it can be to get funds at the start of your business. Perhaps you can give some revenue share from your first month’s advertising revenue to start off.

  1. Buy a Website

You can invest money in buying an existing website to save yourself the hustle of building one from scratch. This is especially beneficial if you are super busy as you can buy a site that is already making money. There are people who started websites and got caught up with stuff so now they want to get rid of them. Take advantage of the offer.

  1. Organize a Bundle Sale.

Have you heard of the Ultimate Bundle? It is famous for offering extreme value in the form of digital products bundled together for a short period of time. Individually, each of the products costs from $20, but together, the 10 or so products cost only about $50.

What this means for the sellers is they can reach people in each other’s markets so they get to sell high volumes, and the buyers get quality products. Want to be the next Ultimate Bundle? Reach out to publishers and see what you can bundle up.

The organizer then takes a percentage and pays each of the contributors a cut of the sales.

  1. Design and Sell T-shirts

People are into creative clothing if these socks are anything to go by. Do you create awesome designs? Create t-shirt designs and sell them through an online printing platform such as Merch by Amazon or Teespring.

If you have great designs, create your perfect marketing strategy and you could end up making more from this than your main hustle. Right now, there are several people making a full-tie income on Merch.

  1. Writing Service – Become a Freelance Writer

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Can you write? Set up a website today and become a freelance writer. Freelance writing service may be customised in the form of what you can write – resumes, blog posts, web content, sales copy, email newsletters, product reviews, tutorials, eBooks or your industry or niche – technical writing, marketing, health, finance, insurance etc. Companies and individuals need freelance writers for their blogs, email newsletters, publications etc.

Search for online writing jobs on job boards or freelance sites or cold pitch prospective clients to build a full time income from writing. Start your own website today and become a freelance writer!

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  1. Transcription Service – Become a transcriber

Transcribers are required for various reasons and tasks. One may be trying to get an audio interview in print, or sharing the contents of a phone call with others. Medical and legal fields are popular for this type of work. Even without training, you can practice listening and typing out from videos and audios until you achieve a certain level of proficiency.

You may search for jobs on job boards or freelance websites. However, I recommend you start your own website, set up your payment methods, decide on rates and cold pitch potential clients to reach your income goals faster.

  1. Travel Agency Service – Become a travel agent

Do you enjoy travelling? Know how to get the best travel deals or experiences? Have a tip or ten for wannabe travellers? We want you to become a travel agent today. All you need to start is a website, or Facebook page, create itineraries and boom! We are in business.

  1. Virtual Assistance Service – Become a Virtual assistant

So many companies are looking for Virtual assistants to help with general administrative work such as sending emails, publishing blog posts, content creation, marketing etc. The rise of home businesses also means that most positions are off-location. The best thing about VA work is that you can learn and practice on the job, though there are several good courses for VA’s. You may choose to go freelance, or start with established VA companies.

If you are a seasoned marketer, rather than bundle as a VA, you can choose to offer your marketing service as a stand-alone. Create a listing of your offer and promote it to interested businesses.  You can choose to specialise on social media accounts such as Pinterest, twitter, Instagram or Facebook or other social media. As a freelancer, you may start your own website to sell your services, or register on Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr today and start selling your services.

  1. Become a Voice-over Artist.

If you have a confident voice, you can become a voice over artist for companies either for advertisements, webinars or onsite videos. You can price your services by the hour or by project taking into consideration the time taken to get ready for the gig.

  1. Start Web Design Service.

If you have some knowledge of web design, you can offer your services as a designer on Fiverr. Alternatively, look out for terrible looking websites and pitch your services to the owners who might be very happy to have you on board. Web design services cost anything from $100 to thousands of dollars so feel free to charge according to your level of expertise and work load. I designed my first WordPress website in about two hours, so am pretty sure you don’t need to be a professional to try your hand at web design. The best marketing tool for your freelance services is your own professional website so I recommend you launch your website today.

  1. Complete Tasks on Amazon M-Turk.

Sign up to Amazon M-Turk today and work on micro tasks for different companies. You certainly won’t get rich doing this but you can add up the pay if you are fast enough. Tasks include order completion, typing etc. The tasks are very simple so you can easily work in your spare time and earn.

  1. Start a YouTube Channel

You can start a YouTube channel on anything that you are passionate about, much the same way you would start a blog. You just need good video capture software and editing service. As a channel owner, Google will pay you to host ads on your videos. Since it is a revenue sharing program, how much you earn depends on the number of views generated by your content. There is really no limit to how much you can earn if you have great content and are sharing it.

  1. Host an Online Class

Are you a certified dancer, yoga instructor, fitness martial arts trainer? You may host online classes and teach those who might be interested.

The best way to get people interested in your services is to offer a free class or workshop. Get people to join your mailing list and let them know when you are holding a paid class. If you are offering value, a few will sign up for the paid class and you will make money. I find that it balances at 80% free info and 20% paid, so make sure your pricing for the 20% can pay you.

  1. Network Marketing

>> How to Become Top Earner in Network Marketing

Gone are the days when network marketing meant bugging every family member and friend to buy stuff they did not need or want.  Companies are cashing in on the power of referrals rather than investing millions in advertising and it is working. The best thing is you get to share in the millions that could otherwise have gone into advertising. Companies like Forever Living and Mary Kay use the networking model to sell their products all over the world. Don’t rush into it but take your time to read reviews, check out the company policies, and understand their compensation plan. Then you need to develop your own marketing and business plans in order to be successful.


There is the complete list of 35 online side hustles you can start today. As you can see, there are several ways to make money online as long as you are ready to invest your time, research and be creative. What is your side hustle? Which financial goals seem out of reach to you today? What would an extra $50 per day do for you today? Which goals can you accomplish with the cash from your side hustles?

Help me out by adding your part-time online side hustle ideas in the comments below!



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