8 Tips to Increase Efficiency and Save Time

8 tips to save time

Ran out of time again? Everybody could do much more if only there was more time. Since each day has only 24hours, it is not possible to add hours to your day. Therefore we must figure out creative ways to do more within the given 24 hours. Learning to save time can help you retire early, go on your dream trip, get a side hustle or even get time to volunteer and work on your hobbies. By simply adjusting the way you live and work, you could free up more time while being fully productive.

Here are some hacks to help you save time so you get more time to do what you like:

Plan Your Daily Tasks Beforehand

The average human being does too many things at once – and much more in a day. Experts recommend that you plan your tasks a day before so that you wake up with a clear plan of the job ahead. This also helps you to be realistic and do only the important tasks.  Once you start planning you discover that so much time is wasted on non-essential tasks

Give Yourself Some Time Out

It is okay to take a break from work once in a while. Thinking tasks can also cause physical fatigue. If you feel overwhelmed, take a walk to the smoothie bar downstairs or go to the balcony. Fresh air helps to clear your mind, refreshing your ability to continue with the tasks.  If you finish your job early, allow yourself the time to do something you like instead of taking on more work.

Have a Good Night Sleep

Of course you won’t do this if you have a night job – but the thing is – schedule enough time for sleep. According to Better Sleep, an adult human being should have 6 -8 hours of sleep each day. This enables you to refresh and you are then able to work better.  Lack of sleep has been associated with other disorders such as obesity so this is also a good step for your health.

Wake Up At The Same Time Daily

Humans are rhythmical beings. By waking up at the same time each day, you signal to your body the hours during which you need optimal performance. It responds by having full energy during your waking hours and this will help you to work more efficiently.

Eat Healthy Meals

The human body needs specific nutrients to stay healthy and work efficiently. An article on the Harvard Business Review explains that the foods you eat affect your productivity more than most people acknowledge.  Eating foods with no nutritional value such as junk not only damages your health in the long run but also makes your digestive system work hard for nothing. Eating balanced meals on the other hand enables your body and brain to perform at optimum. More energy helps you to accomplish tasks faster.

Stop Going to The Office On Rush Hour

Most of the traffic jams on the roads are caused by people going to work and school all at the same time. If you live in a city with heavy traffic, you can choose to leave home earlier and go to the gym or attend an early morning class or devotion. This way, you will use the time you would have spent on the road dong one of the things on your to-do-list. In the evenings, you may choose to stay on and catch up on that Netflix video or finally sign up for that salsa class you never had time for.

Schedule Your Social Media Engagement

The internet is a time depleter and social media is worse! Many of the leading executives find that they work better by being in very few social networks or hiring people to handle the accounts. If you can’t afford a virtual assistant yet, you can either remove the applications from your smart phone/tablet, or you can set a specific time in which to engage on social media. Make sure you don’t use more time than allocated.

Use Phone Calls  and Emails To Communicate

The world has come a long way since the phone booth era when it was too expensive to keep talking. Though calling is much cheaper now, the same logic is applicable. This allows you to go right to the message especially since the other person could be working too. Remember to keep a note book handy if you need to jot something down. Using social media could take too long to get our message across, and provides an avenue for distraction by others. Emails are great because they negate time differences and allow you to respond when you have time.

Most of the tasks that distract people from productive work take a lot of time.  Mundane tasks can be outsourced. By working on only the important tasks and ensuring your energy is concentrated on the right work, you will find yourself able to save time and thus having more free time on your hands.