8 Ways to Make Money while Travelling

Many people have a list of destinations they would like to visit which is tucked away safely until that time when they will have enough money. But travel is not cheap and often it takes years to save enough. The second most frustrating thing about travel is that it often requires you to wrap up your job, or take leave. This may either put a stop or pause to your income. Moreover, you can only take so many leave days at a time if you intend to keep the job.

Well, what if you found a way to make money as you travel? Would that help you to go to all the destinations you like? If you are struggling to save enough money to travel, here are 7 ways you can use to make money while traveling.

Make money as you travel: Write for newspapers and magazines

Many international newspapers and magazines accept freelance or occasional contributors. You can write about anything from any place in the world and send to your preferred publication. If you are a correspondent attached to a newspaper, they might want news from the places you visit. The greatest advantage to this is that you are not bound by distance or location. One writer was able to make enough money to visit her family in Brazil just about 90 days.

Make money as you travel: Volunteer

Search for opportunities to volunteer in the counties or cities you intend to visit. This isn’t going to make you lots of money, but it will be something to live on as you get to enjoy your destination. If you search early enough, you might even manage to catch a free plane ticket to the country of your dreams. This is also a great way to get some orientation and know a few people in the country you are visiting.  Volunteer opportunities that take a short time may not require you to register for a working visa.

Make money as you travel: Teach a new skill/language


In every country, there are people that want to learn what you know. Visitors to countries such as China, Thailand often find themselves with English teaching opportunities. Language lessons are in high demand in many places. Unfortunately, language schools are almost always based in the city, which not everyone is able to reach. They are also expensive to people who only need a basic instruction. Whatever you can do well, someone is willing to pay you something for it. So polish up on your salsa dancing skills and come over!

Make money as you travel: Sell your photographs

One of the things people do when they travel is take photographs – of people, animals, sceneries, events, and nature. There are many organizations that could use your photographs and are willing to pay top dollar for them. You don’t have to be a professional photographer. Just take clear pictures that convey clear images and you are good to go!

Make money as you travel: Get a part time job

So many people associate travel with relaxation and no work.  However, working can help you stay in your destination for longer as you will be earning some money. In most cities, you can get casual jobs such as salesperson, waiter, bartender or others that take little of your time. This is also a very unique way to know more about the place you visited.

Make money as you travel: Carry stuff to sell

Some of the things you use every day are in high demand in other places. Imagine if you stayed away from your county for 5 years – what would you want to have so desperately? Some people just want a cup of their local beverage. Even if you are not really a marketer, make sure you carry some of the stuff that is uniquely found in your country. Whether you make excellent shoes, or clothes, you never know how much people are willing to pay for them.

Make money as you travel: Deliver things to people

The world is global village, and more people are consuming things that are manufactured in other countries. If you are planning to travel to destinations in other countries, you can ask people if they would like you to bring something for them. Just look for and join Facebook groups where you can interact with them. If you choose to charge $20 per delivery, you could easily make$1,000 if you deliver 50 items. Of course you must be careful to have them pay for their items first so they don’t burden you with buying stuff you don’t need.

Make money as you travel: Write about your trips

Writing has been getting easier with the spread of the internet and travel writing seems to be one of the easiest to break into. You can write about your experiences in different places, and send to travel publications or blogs that pay. Alternatively, you may post them to your blog and find ways to monetize them.

Of course if you intend to visit a couple of places, you should definitely share your experiences with the world and continue to make money as you travel.